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Champion Vehicles & Strategic Marketing launch "LED Ad Trucks" for Outdoor Digital Video Advertising on March 21, 2014:

Bangalore: The landscape across Indian outdoor advertising space is about to have an Overhaul with new age Digital Advertisements on wheels via "Champion Ad Trucks". Outdoor publicity will never be the same again!

Govinda Rajulu, President, New Age Solutions @ Champions Group today unveiled the most innovative form of outdoor advertisement trucks that are guaranteed to boost brand recognition 15 times more than any other media channels existing in the outdoor space in India. With Video and Digital capability now becoming part of the Mobile Advertising space

Pradeep Patil, VP, India Operations at the launch of LED advertising trucks, said "These new age vehicles are fitted with 10 MM triple sided led color screens are all set to WROOM your promotion with video and voice. These mobile advertising Champion Ad trucks are being rolled out across India and are already deployed for these elections in Karnataka, Andhra and Goa - They are equipped with Hydraulic screens, on board UPS and Generator Set to run all day and can help you gain over 40K to 100k impressions per day"

Suresh Thomas, Head, India Marketing Operations said "Our Strategic Marketing team and Election Campaigner division can now extend digital and video marketing into the Outdoor Advertising space. We have started taking our campaigns into multi channel mode using Search Marketing, social media and new age outdoor digital and video marketing via these LED Ad trucks".

Subhakar Rao, Chairman, Champions Group said "Champions Ad trucks can now take your message to your target audience anywhere. We even have customised LED Trucks - Checkout our innovative “Election Platform Vehicles” and "Mobile shopping and advertising trucks" being rolled for the first time across India.

You can now Create memorable impression with attractive graphics on digital billboard vehicles having the following features. Double-side high-clarity LED colour video display ensuring maximum visibility

  • Display on the driver and passenger sides
  • In-built diesel generation with 10-hour backup on one fuel tank
  • Rack mounted dual computer system
  • Professional sound stereo amplifier for high quality audio output
  • Outdoor all weather speakers ( Clarity and durability)
  • Get Ready to Unleash Your Road Show with State-of-the-art "Champion Ad trucks"

About Champions Group:
Champions Group is a global business group with businesses ranging from Vehicles, resorts, yacht clubs, real estate & global marketing solutions with over a 2500 people team. More information about the company can be found at www.championsgroup.com

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